Hi Bob,

Came across your Outdoor Station podcasts just the other day. I’ve been away
from the hobby for a good while and have got a little lazy (and tubby!). I’m
finding your podcasts very inspirational and are helping me get my family and
I out and about. I used to be into all things outdoor gear wise but a new family
came along and all my spare money dissapeared 🙂 Now coming up to 40 with a
10 year old son the spare money is starting to return and the need to get my
son and I away from computer games and outside is even greater. Much to the
delight of my wife 🙂

One thing I notice in your podcasts compared to other techie/gaming podcasts
I’m used to listening to is the positive can do attitude of the people you interview.
If you listen to a computer gaming podcast there’s alot of moaning and groaing
going on, listen to an outdoor person being interviewed by you or your team
and all the people have a positive, happy, confident air about them. Is this
a sign of the times I wonder, slaves to technology, gradually becoming more
and more withdrawn and unhappier without even realising it.

Keep up the good work, you and your team are not just a shop and podcasters,
you’re motivators and ambassadors for outdoor life as well.

ps really like the honey stove, watched your video about it and now hope that
I’ll be buying one soon.

Regards, Chris and family

Hi Rose

Many thanks, I have been thoroughly enjoying listening to your podcasts and
being transported to various interesting and exotic places. Regards Rebecca

Hi Bob and Rose,

A big thank you for taking he trouble to put together the 2011 TGO films, a
nice balance of gear bits and the route, really helped me to get a sense of
the places you passed through….and the joys of a wet weather trip.

I know they must take a huge amount of time, even if you enjoy doing them it
must be a big chunk of several weeks, so thanks again, Ashley

Hi Bob

TGO Videos and Podcast have been great, thanks! Karl

Hi Bob and Rose

My husband and I really enjoyed your TGO video series. I’m a big fan of your
podcasts, but this was an enjoyable alternative. You did a great job of editing
and creating 5 episodes – considering the weather challenges.

Kind regards Flora

Hi Both, Enjoyed your TGO videos. Useful as I also have the Jam. I feel
a wimp as I am looking for perfect weather to walk the Preselis and carningli
over two days. Regards Bob

2011 TGO Challenge looks good Bob, but it didn’t rain all the time though. Wonderful
looking at all that scenery again. Maggie Hems

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my last order and for the podcast dvd,
pity about the drumming, but hey, you can’t be good at everything! Cheers Malcolm

Hi I love this site. I just bought the Honey Stove from AMTC in Australia, and
want to know if the Evernew titanium meths stove works well with it. Keep those
great podcasts happening regards Pete

Really enjoying the Channel Island Way series. I listen to your podcasts
when i go out running. Listened to the first of this series while running in
the wind and rain. It was all ok as you spoke about the sunny beaches on Herm.
Keep up the brilliant work. Simon

Movies – not as useful as your great podcasts when walking the dog, but great
way of showing off the products and gives another angle to the wonderful service.
Waiting for more!! soon be time to write the christmas list. Thanks Bob and
Rose! Karl

I have only recently found the podcasts – listened to the TravelTap one
& part of the Chris Townsend one. Excellent. I have now subscribed to the
podcasts on iTunes. Mike

I’ve been a big fan of “The Outdoors Station” for the past couple
of years and have found your podcasts to be funny, informative and inspiration
– sometimes in that very order! Keep up the excellent work. Anthony

I particularly like the videos. makes trying to choose kit much easier. Cheers

Hi Bob. All excellent. Just enjoyed the podcast about Herme. We have friends
on Guersey and have visited Herme. Must go back.The movie gives a good taster
of the islands and naturally we now expect this to feature alongside podcasts
of future trips! The movie reminds me to revisit the Channel islands. Bob

Got my recent order and have also been watching 1 some of your pod casts. Keep
practicing on the drums Phil! Cheers Tom

My pleasure Rose. You and Bob are the best! And the personal touches make
SUCH a difference.I have really enjoyed the podcasts and I hope the European

Award people let you enter again in the future, notwithstanding you sweeping
the board for the past 2 years… Best wishes, Nick

Hi Bob & Rose, I’ve just brought myself up-to-date with your podcasts. You
ask for feedback – they’re brilliant! I thought your downbeat review of the
TGOC reflected the weather conditions perfectly. While you were on the TGOC,
inspired by your October trip to the Cairngorms, I did my own version (we must
have been close to meeting in Glen Tilt). I’m afraid that having walked into
Glen Einich I didn’t attempt the climb out (strong winds, frequent vicious squalls,
a (too) heavy pack & the caution of a solo septuagenarian backpacker in
mountains he doesn’t know well).

I made a fresh start & walked in down Glen Feshie & had a great trip.
The steadily increasing winds were mostly at my back, the rain never got to
be more than an irritant and Glen Tilt was stunning. I opted out of my planned
grand finish over Cairngorm via Coire Raibert as the winds were pretty serious
by then, so I camped by the refuge at Fords of Avon and walked out to Glenmore
through Lairig an Lui in a snowstorm – the highlight of the trip!

I’m now a complete convert to walking in trainers. (Perhaps I’ve been lucky,
but my Merrell Moab Ventilators are astonishingly comfortable). The Evernew
stove and cookset proved totally reliable, despite the unfriendly conditions.

Thank you for the podcasts – keep them coming – and for the quality of your
merchandise and your never-failing exceptional service. Chris

This is Will Levandowski from Colorado.

First off, thanks for the great podcast and consistency (if not regularity)
of the episode releases. I find them inspiring as we battle on through winter
here. It is snowing as I write, in fact. Thanks Bob, and keep the podcasts coming!


Will PS: Enjoyed the TGO Challenge this year! I’m very much
looking forward to the audio; each of the editions has been fabulous.

Enjoy your website very much and have been back many times.

Have brought a honey stove from your Australian supplier and find it a great
stove. We have a good range of bushwalking gear here, however, you have items
that are not usually seen in our stores. I like your podcasts and enjoyed No.315.

Your gear tests are very helpful and much more informative and practical than
what I have seen come out of America. I find it interesting to see how walkers
in other countries and climates get out and about. We find the lack water a
problem here in our dry season as it adds a lot of weight to our load.

Cheers, Rod. Schutze

The podcasts are great and will be getting a honey stove soon…cheers for all
your work.. Peter

Bob and Rose, thanks for a great service, again. The items arrived yesterday
and in use. next podcast eagerly awaited, they are perfect to listen to when
out and about. Karl

Where to begin!

First, your podcasts are truly inspiring, very informative and quite frankly
I just don’t know how you find the time to have a “normal”
life, go walking, backp[acking etc, run a business and then find time to record,
edit and consistently produce such fantastic podcasts.

Your music library must be phenomenal as you choose such lovely music to accompany
the podcasts….and I know how difficult it is – as I make DVD’s for
my very elderly parents – or rather I take and choose the photos and Glenda
edits the photo’s/film with music so my folks who are now in their nineties
can at least enjoy the hills from an armchair


Do try and find time for yourselves – what you do is amazing and I am
in awe of what you achieve. And you always sound so calm!!! Cheers, Rob

liked your interview back with Steve Sergeant (the man behind the Wildebeat),
I am glad you did the interview because I was wondering about him since I have
been listening to his show for a while now. The one thing I found myself
to strongly disagree with him about was his podcast length… a highly edited
10 minute podcast?? I don’t know where he got his stats for the average
listeners attention span (he mentioned in your interview), but what a weird
statistic to base on a length of a podcast… I totally disagree and the longer
the interview the better. I think the bare minimum length should be what you
do, about a half an hour. My opinion is, if your listening to his podcast, your
listening because your into adventuring in the outdoors, and can listen to this
subject matter for a long time to get as much info as you can. This brings
me to another subject of an interview with Robert Butler of trailcast,
another great interview you did with him too! (thanks for letting us know what
happened to his podcast-and I hope he comes back) He is another that lets people
talk in interviews and you get FULL stories (like you do), not highly edited/cut
up interviews… I actually don’t mind silence as people are thinking or
mispronounce something, or mess up what they said. To me, it actually brings out
the character of the people being interviewed so you get a feel of the person
through the headphones.

I just wanted to thank you for these two particularly great interviews,
and vent a little about podcast length! 🙂

Others I liked were the lightweight cyclists, and the 2 part Ben Corr interview
was interesting too.

Have a great day! Dave

Hi Bob, Rose, Andy and the rest.

I just want to thank you for the superb podcasts you have been putting out over
the past couple of years.

My fiancee, Stephanie, and I are to marry in May and we have been inspired to
walk the Coast To Coast route for our honeymoon (and charity).

This is almost entirely your fault and I thank you for it 🙂


Best regards, Steve and Steffi.

Podcast Bob, I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how much I have
enjoyed your podcasts.

I work as a Captain on a very large oil tanker for 3 – 4 months so have a long
time away from the hills and usually bury myself in my spare time in books and
magazine of both a fiction and non fiction variety hill and non hill related.

I had heard and read about your podcasts in TGO and I though I would give it
a listen when I was away the next trip and found that I thoroughly enjoyed them.

The next leave I downloaded all the previous 3 months worth as well as those
issued when I was at home and have just finished listening to your exploits
as well as some others on the TGO challenge and the weekly podcasts after that.Anyway
just to say thanks for the wonderful entertainment, information and “envy”
they produce in that I have to wait until I get home before I can buy some gear,
get out again and loose myself so to speak.

If you wonder what the Younara Glory looks like google it and see a picture
on the supertanker site run by some dutch bloke. Best Regards Chas Foxcroft
Master Younara Glory

Hello Bob. Dave Barnas, 35 from Buffalo NY, USA. I just want ed to let you
know that I really like your podcasts and have listened to most of them over
the past year. I was wondering if you are going to continue to make them?

Thanks, and hope to hear from you. Dave

Bob, Rose, Andy and the rest.

I just want to thank you for the superb podcasts you have been putting out over
the past couple of years.

My fiancee, Stephanie, and I are to marry in May and we have been inspired to
walk the Coast To Coast route for our honeymoon (and charity).

This is almost entirely your fault and I thank you for it 🙂

Best regards, Steve and Steffi.

Not often that I get to send an email to a celebrity! A quick note to thank
you for the prize of a Colin Prior Calendar, won via the Podzine Show on the
Outdoors Station. It arrived safely today and goes some way to making up
for the fact I didn’t manage to visit Scotland this year. Next year should
see a more determined effort. Thanks again and good luck with all your
endeavours. (Just off to write Colin a ‘thank you’ as well.) John

Thanks for the podcasts: I contribute to an established US podcast (not about
the outdoors) and know how hard it is to put together consistently good content,
so working my way through the “back catalogue” has been a delight. Sincerely,
Jon Hancock.

Thank you so much for the camera bag, which I’ve already put to good use
and found to be just right for my work as a pro-photographer. Heard about you
via a professional photography website and enjoyed what I’ve listened to so
far. Keep up the good work! Dave

Fantastic!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to recieve the new Canon G9
camera. I’ve never won anything before, and this has really made my summer,
if not year! Thank you to the sponsors too, clever of them to tune into the outdoor
market so directly. I’ve told all my freinds all about you and I hope things
continue to grow for you, after all the work you obviously put in. Great information,
well presented and perfect for those long commutes. Thanks again, I’m absolutly
knocked out! Hamish

The Outdoors Station Podcast is a great diversion during my working day. I
often get funny looks in the office as I sit tapping at my keyboard with headphones
hanging from my ears, listening to the latest goings on in the outdoor world.

I find the subject mattter suits me perfectly, as it is a great combination of
all my interests – hill walking and mountaineering, climbing and bushcraft; with
great interviews, informative gear reviews and a useful events diary. Living in
Cornwall, I’m also grateful for the pity Bob extends to those of us in the
South, forced to suffer a highly north-centric outdoor media (even if his Cornish
accent is terrible!). Winning a recent Outdoors Station competition for a brand
new Alpkit PipeDream sleeping bag just sealed my love of the podcast! Keep up
the good work. Dave Dean

been listening to your podcasts from the outset, particularly whilst recovering
from a series of knee operations which prevented me from being out on the hill.
I really enjoyed the TGO series; last year’s inspired me to do the West
Highland Way this spring – this year’s spurred me into signing up
for next year’s TGO Challenge and I’ve just found I’ve been
lucky in the draw!

The weekly Podzine is a real winner and I enjoyed today’s podcast whilst
out on a bracing rehabilitation walk along the Ridgeway in Wiltshire. Don’t
worry about keeping them short – 45 minutes at least please – and
the mix of general news, gear and trade issues plus interviews makes for an
interesting, well-balanced programme. Keep up the excellent work. Jules

The podcasts are great. A lot of useful information and I personally like
the ones with Chris Townsend and your collaboration one with Ryan Jordan the
most. Best regards, Roman Ackl

I am listening to your Podcasts over in in Richmond, BC., Canada. I thought
I’d drop you a note saying I very much enjoy them. Interviewing people like
Chris Townsend (A hero of mine), Ryan Jordan, and others has been very inspiring.
It is also very refreshing to hear a UK prespective on lwt backpacking. Stephen

I’m definitely enjoying the TGO podcast series again this year, and
I’m looking forward to planning next year’s Challenge! I listened to
Part 11 a few days ago, and I thought that Andy’s interview with me at Tarfside
went very well.

Assuming you’re doing the Challenge next year, I expect I’ll be seeing
you, and maybe we’ll get to do some hiking together again (with my feet
in much better shape!). I will be going even lighter, and definitely better,
but I don’t think I’ll try to keep up with Colin in that regard. Take
care! Rob

I have been meaning to show my thanks for the fantastic podcasts – I just needed
the excuse of an imminent backpacking trip to finally get it together. Thanks
to your podcasts, I will be taking the plunge and signing out of work for 2
weeks to do the TGO challenge (2009 probably) which means you may end up cited
in a future divorce settlement when I become truly obsessive and bore my long-suffering
wife to tears with relentless route planning and gear-weighing. Keep up the
great work, Nick.

I’ve been listening to the great podcasts for about a year now and they,
amongst other things, have inspired me to get out and do some wild camps and
turn my walking into backpacking. Now of course I need the gear and what a great
place to start. Just placed a small order, with others to follow in the future
probably. Hoping to do the TGO in 2009 once I have built up my skills enough.
Keep up the great work Bob and Rose!! Cheers Stuart



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