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John D. Burns has spent over forty years among the mountains of the Scottish Highlands. He is an author and public speaker. His books tell of his adventures in this iconic landscape and have become classics for those who love wild places.

His latest book The Hot Ten Diaries will be a joy to anyone who loves wild places all year round and sleep in a warm cosy shelter in remote inspiring locations.

John D. Burns takes us on a journey to the Scottish Highlands where he returns to an old way of living in a canvas tent heated by a woodburning stove.

This is more than a book about camping. It tells of his love of spending nights in remote places with only a layer of canvas between him and the stars. Told in the author’s unique style it is full of stories and humour.

As well as sharing the author’s adventures there is practical advice on setting up a hot tent and some suggestions for little-known camping spots in the heart of the Highlands. The Hot Tent Diaries are a great introduction for anyone who wants to follow John into the wild – an invitation to adventure.

This podcast covers all these key aspects, certainly not the lightest way to travel, but certainly one where comfort is priority and pleasure is to be had in making life easier for oneself.

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