With 15 years of time and production invested into the Podcasts and Videos, hosting and numerous other hidden expenses (which have increased with every year) the time has come to seek a little help and assistance from our wonderful world-wide audience to help us maintain and grown on this incredible footing.

If you can help by either buying us a cup of virtual coffee every now and then on Ko-Fi, or becoming a long term Patreon member it will go a long way to maintaining the output. The station will be able to keep producing relevant, interesting, educational and informative content.

It will more importantly help keep our independence and credibility alive and not fall under the manipulation of brand pressure, so we can maintain a impartial content which has always been the backbone of our ethos.

The Ko-Fi website system is a donation of £3 and chance to drop me a message if you wish to do so.

The Patreon system is set for a monthly donation of various amounts, all of which have certain rewards, gift giveaways and special features for members as well as more direct interaction if you want it. You can even be celebrated as an Executive Producer. Find out more on Patreon.

Alternatively if you prefer you can make a simple one off or monthly donation direct through PayPal, with minimum fuss.