This podcast continues the conversation with Anna Richards regarding her TCT thru hike during the summer of 2022.

(Anna Richards – The-sun-sets-over-Artavan-Vayots-Dzor)

We get into detail about the practicalities of hiking through the country, the language barrier, money, equipment failures and of course, how to get there and back.

(Anna Richards – First-light-over-a-nomadic-camp-in-the-Geghams)

Plus we have a quick look in her rucksack discussing the best and worst piece of kit and if there’s anything she felt she missed during the hike.

It is a great concluding interview and I do hope you’ll leave feedback or comments here or on social media.

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2 thoughts on “No 552 – The Transcaucasian Trail – Pt2”

  1. Hi Bob,

    so nice You’re back on air. This was a stunning and very inspiring interview. Thanks for bringing this to Your audience.

    Hope You and Your wife are doing well.

    All the best …


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