This Podcast is one from the archives which I thought people might enjoy if they are considering undertaking a challenge this year.

In 2008 Shirley Worral undertook the GR20 and recorded an two interviews about her experience the following year. In this Podcast I’ve edited both original Podcasts together to create and much longer one which tells the whole story and Shirley is very eloquent in her thoughts and experience.

As it was 2009 when it was recorded, all information provided in the Podcast will need updating and there is certainly now much more information available on-line than when Shirley undertook the trip.

Shirley’s original excellent blog diary can still be found and read in full here.

The following data is sourced from Corsica for Hikers. Which is a excellent source of up to date information for potential visitors.

GR 20 – the toughest long distance trail in Europe

GR 20 is a long distance trail that traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south. It is considered to be the most difficult of all the GR routes and one of the most beautiful mountain trail in Europe.

GR 20 is a long distance trail that traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south. It’s 180km long with variation in height of about 10 000 metres and can be walked in 15 days.

Even though the GR20 doesn’t require any climbing techniques, perfect fitness level and confidence in walking over a variety of rugged terrains is necessary.

Route planning

The trail consists of two parts:
1.    The northern part starts in Calenzana and stops in Vizzavona. It is the most difficult part, because of the steep and rocky paths, but it is also considered more beautiful.

2.    The southern part goes from Vizzavona to Conca and is easier, but less spectacular, except the Coscione plateau with its green meadows.

You can walk in either direction through the whole trail or any of the two sections only. Because the GR 20 is quite overcrowded and most hikers walk southwards, some people recommend walking northwards, to limit the meetings of crowds to short periods only.






2 thoughts on “No 425 – GR20 from the Archives”

  1. The main change that everyone needs to be aware of is that the notorious Cirque de la Solitude is no longer part of the route, following an accident resulting in the deaths of seven trekkers. Cicerone’s guidebook was immediately updated once a new route was put in place. All the pages for the new Stage 4 of the route are available free of charge from Cicerone at…

    The cover of the new book, shown above as part of the podcast intro, shows part of the new route, which is significantly higher than any other part of the route.

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