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The Mini Peak II is a new teepee style shelter which is now available in the UK from and many are suggesting that this could be the solo shelter suitable for many interests and pastimes.

The shelter consists of the outer, the solo nest and a set of pegs. The pole is extra and this is due to the fact that many hikers in particular, will probably use their walking poles as the main support.

However it is available as an optional extra.

Complete (with the pole) it weighs 1.76kg, which isn’t bad considering the massive footprint it offers. Just using it as a tarp tent without the inner will provide plenty of space for two adults and their gear and this would save another 438gm. Use your walking poles and you have another saving of 314gm, resulting in a total weight of less than a kilo. Not too shabby!

For solo hikers, bushcrafters, cyclists and kayakers, this shelter offers great value for money. Many outdoors people these enjoy the company of their pet and so having a reasonable space for a dog to stretch out without tearing fabric is always a bonus.

The nearest competitor in this style of shelter in the UK is of course the Golite Shangri-La 3. A fantastic tent, no question, however the HH technical spec on the materials used in this shelter exceeds the Golite and would you believe it, it is also lighter!

And almost a third of the price!!!

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