No 459 – The Photography Show – Pt1

Monday the 19th March 2018 at The Photography Show at the NEC was the day after the sudden snow stopped everyone from getting about the UK once again and so what was traditionally a quiet Press and Trade day, was anything but.

However plans were made and Andy and I set off to see what gems we could find to suit our listeners needs.

I had arranged to meet all the major camera brands to discuss the three cameras (good, better, best) which would suit the average outdoor persons needs. Not only image quality but also,, video, 4K, battery life, recharging from a power pack, weight, bulk, weather resistance and so on.

In this podcast you’ll hear from Sam Pilling at Sony, who recommended the Sony A5100, A6500, A7 Mk III and a multi battery charger/power bank the NPA MQZ1.

Sony have indeed made major headway into the traditional imaging market and the new A7 MKIII offers incredible features and imagery.

Andy on the other hand had a great chat with landscape photographer Chris Simmons and discussed his Cornish Seascape Workshops. A subject very close the his heart and looking at the website, there is a wonderful opportunity to create some masterful landscape images on any of his courses. Check out the video to know what to expect.

Drones. Love them or hate them, they certainly do add an immense amount of drama to any video production and certainly to any outdoor activity with a view. I met with Pete Rawlinson the DJI Specialist for London Camera Exchange and he explains the features of the new DJI Mavic Air, but also touches on the Spark, The Mvic Pro and Platinum.

You can see the full range there, and if you haven’t seen these drones in operation check out the video.

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