In this lively episode of the Outdoors Station podcast, host Bob Cartwright chats with Zoe Hewitt from Nikwax and Abbey from Nemo about tackling PFAS in outdoor gear. Zoe highlights Nikwax’s eco-friendly practices, including their PFAS-free products and commitment to sustainability. Abby shares Nemo’s innovative PFAS-free Osmo fabric and their dedication to repairability and circular economy. The episode also features Jess from Pits and Bits, introducing eco-friendly personal hygiene products perfect for outdoor adventures. Dive in for a fun yet professional discussion on making the great outdoors greener and gear that lasts longer! Plus don’t miss the discount code and freebies on offer!

Bullet Points

  • Impact of PFAS on outdoor gear
  • Efforts of companies to address PFAS issue
  • New products and initiatives for sustainability in outdoor industry
  • Nikwax’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection
  • Range of Nikwax products for cleaning and waterproofing outdoor gear
  • Launch of new deodorizing products by Nikwax
  • Nemo’s efforts to remove forever chemicals from products
  • Introduction of Nemo’s innovative osmo fabric
  • Nemo’s commitment to repairability and circular economy
  • Introduction of environmentally friendly personal hygiene products by Pits and Bits


The impact of PFAS on outdoor activities (00:00:18)
Discussion on the dangers and persistence of PFAS in outdoor gear and the push to regulate and ban these chemicals.

Approach to circular economy in the outdoor industry (00:04:27)
Explanation of brands’ efforts to promote repair, recycle, and reuse services, reducing pressure on the environment.

Nikwax’s sustainable practices and products (00:05:50)
Detailing Nikwax’s environmentally friendly practices, including the use of recycled and recyclable plastic, and their commitment to ecological and social causes.

Nikwax’s product range and usage (00:09:51)
Explanation of Nikwax’s cleaning and waterproofing products for various outdoor gear materials, including jackets, cotton, fleece, down, and wax clothing.

Nikwax’s new deodorising products (00:13:01)
Introduction of three new deodorising products for sports gear, wetsuits, and footwear, emphasising their effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

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Nemo’s efforts to remove PFAS from products (00:17:07)
Discussion of Nemo’s proactive approach to removing PFAS from tent fabrics and other outdoor gear components in preparation for upcoming legislation.

Matching or exceeding performance (00:18:39)
Nemo’s osmo fabric, pfas-free, water-resistant, and durable, outperforms standard fabrics.

Repair services and recyclable packs (00:19:18)
Nemo offers repair services and recyclable packs, promoting a circular economy ethos.

Recyclability across pack ranges (00:20:53)
Nemo’s resolve pack and upcoming packs are fully recyclable, part of the “endless promise” program.

Warranties and repairability (00:21:21)
Nemo offers repair and replacement services, even outside of warranty, to keep gear in the market longer.

Responsible down standard and recycling (00:22:17)
Nemo’s sleeping bags use responsibly sourced down and are part of the “endless promise” collection, promoting recycling.

Innovation in sleeping pads and furniture (00:23:10)
Nemo’s sleeping pads and furniture line showcase innovation, focusing on comfort and performance.

UK market preferences (00:24:06)
Differences in technical and performance aspects, colorways, and materials preferences in the UK market.

Eco-friendly personal hygiene products (00:26:01)
Introduction to environmentally friendly personal hygiene products by Jess from Pits and Bits.

Towel Off Body Wash and environmentally friendly packaging (00:27:41)
Pits and Bits’ towel off body wash, made from post-consumer recycled plastic and biodegradable ingredients.

Pet hygiene products and bamboo wipes (00:31:33)
Pits and Bits’ pet hygiene products, including preventative and cleansing shampoos, and bamboo wipes.

Testing and Development (00:33:20)
Discussion about testing a product in Croatia and plans for further development.

Product Range and Marketing (00:33:34)
Compliments to the company’s product range and marketing strategies, including Instagram presence.

Promo Code and Product Recommendations (00:34:04)
Promo code for discounts, product recommendations, and mention of dog cleaning products.

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Wrap-Up and Call to Action (00:34:46)
Closing remarks, reminders about future content, and a call for feedback and engagement.

Conclusion and Call to Action (00:35:34)
Closing remarks and a thank-you message for listening, with an invitation to explore more content on the Outdoors Station website.

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