This is something a little different to help you escape from the current doom and misery we are surrounded by and learn a little about a different way to approach self powered travel and adventure.

Phil Plume is my guest today. An enthusiastic Sup’er that is a Stand Up Paddle Boarder and Phils case, he likes to add an Adventurous twist. 

SUP is something I’ve seen at a distance but never ventured close enough to find out more about the fun, pleasure and practical aspects of this sport. But when I’ve watched those doing it laughter seems to be the common denominator linking the borders together.

As you’ll hear Phil tells us how he got into it and the pleasures this pastime brings with it. However he wanted to give himself another aspect to using the board and decided to attempt a longer journey which he could fit into his normal holiday time.

His blog entry written at the time explains more;

I’ve looked at London to Paris, but the paperwork involved was a real downer. Then I looked at the River Douro, but just didn’t have the time. I needed to find somewhere else, somewhere warm where I could start and finish at the same point. I have absolutely no idea where it came from, as its somewhere I’ve never been to before and does have a bit of a ’Brits abroad’ image, but it looks beautiful  and such an amazing place to paddle. Plus the flights are cheap, really cheap!

And the winner is…… Mallorca. That’s right Mallorca (Majorca) the Mecca for Brits abroad. Towns like Magaluf attract thousands of holiday makes, of which most only ever see the inside of a bar, at night. That’s not my plan, oh no, not at all. I’m planning to Stand up Paddleboard around it, all the way around it. Paddling for 350 to 550km, depending on how close I hug the coastline.

More can be found out about Phil on his Facebook page. Or on his blog page.

Sponsors mentioned in the podcast include Fanatic SUP, ION and K66 

If you’re interested in SUP in Mallorca, Ruben who is mentioned in the Podcast can be found here. Hannah who lives on the island offers lessons.

UkSUP links 

UK race series

UK endurance series

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