Finally the electrician showed up to wire up and connect the new building, the office and more importantly the studio.

Don’t you just love it when ‘yeah tomorrow or day after’ turns into 2 weeks?

But we are in and these last few days have been one of humping and shifting stuff in the pouring rain and wind, in and out of containers, lofts and garages to install into the place and make it look efficient.

One of the reasons for getting it tidy was the impending visit by the Queen! Well not THE Queen exactly, but Russ Hepton from The Trail Hunter on Instagram and YouTube who is visiting us before he heads out on the PCT next week. So it felt like we had to get the place looking spick and span and super slick for his arrival.

The first visitor to the new studio!

He had contacted me way back in January and wanted to do a video interview about The Outdoors Station and all things outdoors so we created a date in the diary when we would have it all installed and set up perfectly, even with a kettle.

However our electrician had other ideas…. bless ‘im.

So after working late into the night and getting the lights balanced and looking super sexy, we all woke this morning to President Trump closing all the borders to the US for 30 days to prevent the virus.

Even though the UK wasn’t included in this list, Russ thought it best to skip the interview and head to London to get the first free flight before the closing date on Friday.

And this is exactly what he did and he’s just phoned me to say he got the last seat on a Jumbo one way to the US for an eye watering £2000!

Lets hope the PCT treats him better, as he has been trying to get there for 3 years.

Stayed tuned as we hope to catch up with him sometime during his trip.

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