No 516 – Cam Hikes The PCT

It has been a while since we spoke with a guest regarding either starting or finishing the PCT. To delve into their preparation or their conclusions.

So it is good timing that my guest today Camile Mateos willingly discusses her thorough preparation in all aspects related to the PCT which she will be starting this Spring. 

The most important being the financial and time challenge most of us would face away from a busy job, plus of course fitness, skill level, confidence and gear.

You may be interested to hear that Cam from Cam-Hikes is approaching the 2600 mile trail as light as possible with a 35lt pack.

However she is also going stoveless to save weight and relying on what she can find to eat at the trail heads between the long sections.

This may be a challenge for a normal person, however for a French person, a nation which has a reputation for fresh food and exciting quisine, this could be a bigger challenge than the walk itself.

We will know all about it on her return as she promises to come back again and excite us with the story of her journey, who she met along the way and how the PCT treated her.

Plus of course her comments on the available US cuisine available for hungry hikers who decide to attempt the PCT stoveless.

You can find out more about Camile and her adventures here.


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