No 508 – Anna Blackwell – Pt2

In part one Anna told us about her experiences while walking the the Kings Trail in Sweden and the Green Ribbon in Scandinavia.

Details of her trip can be found under the heading  trekking across the wilderness of arctic Sweden 

2019 was another exciting one: in September she completed the latest expedition, The Green Ribbon, a 1,000km solo trek across Arctic and Northern Scandinavia.

However turning the clock back to 2018 this podcast specifically discusses Kayaking the Continent expedition, a world first journey tandem kayaking 4,000km from London to the Black Sea in Romania with her friend Kate.

I’m sure you will agree Anna is a gutsy 26 year old and her enthusiasm for travel and life is a pleasure to hear.

During the discussion she mentions the website Explorers Connect which is a good place to review and see if there are any other like minded people like you heading in the same direction with the same desires.

Safe travels everyone and enjoy the journey.

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