Every wanted to go (or try) Wild Camping but never quite sure where to start? You don’t want to feel a fool posting on the many public forums to get dismissive replies and you have worries about trespassing and other fears? 

However you really want to see what all the fuss is about and if it is for you?

Then how about Nearly Wild Camping?

This is a small helpful cooperative or over 80 locations around the country which are certainly far removed from typical commercial campsites, but still may have the important basics of water and a loo. 

Many cater for tents, tarps and traditional camping set ups, however quite a few also have trees for hammocks, allow camp fires and offer rural education should you wish it, about the habitat and environment you might be camping in.

Nearly Wild Camping is a network of diverse locations (mostly across the UK) offering Nearly Wild Camping experiences.

They all have things in common:

  • No outdoor lights at night
  • Guaranteed distance between pitches to ensure peace and privacy
  • Most locations are campfire/BBQ friendly
  • Only basic facilities

They are all much more than a place to sleep, offering the chance to explore where you are through guided walks, star gazing, badger watching, having a go at some regular onsite tasks (from feeding the chickens to carving a spoon), cooking up some homegrown veg on your campfire and much, much more.

This is where every location is different, each with its own unique feel and experiences to offer, from family farms to nature reserves and hilltops smallholdings to riverside woods.

At the same time Nearly Wild Camping is a collection of location owners supporting each other towards a common purpose of making more of their living from the land and sharing its magic with others.

The emphasis is on integrating Nearly Wild Camping experiences into activities and interests already onsite and encouraging campers to make the most of other opportunities in the area.

As it grows this network has the potential to not only be able to share fixed costs through group discounts and access a huge network of people to market to between them, they can also share their learning, pool advice and good practice, and support each other through regular meet ups and communications.

This is why we are a co-operative, because all of the members – campers and locations – are working together for everyone’s (and nature’s) benefit.

The main shared service is an online directory of the locations and experiences with comprehensive details of the facilities available, what is wild about the experience, what else is on offer, photos and feedback.

Membership is only £20 which could cover a small family and that allows you access to many places around the UK, who offer ‘safe’ solitude for anyone who want to dip their toes into the ‘wild camping pond’ and see if this lifestyle appeals to them.

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