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The world is a community and finding the right one for you can make a big difference in confidence as well as your future outlook. In this podcast I welcome several people to my community before speaking with Emma Frampton regarding Adventure Queens, a non for profit community specifically created to delicately smash down the barriers that prevent women from heading off on adventures.

They provide practical information, tips and advice on all things wild camping and the great outdoors. Little by little, bit by bit, Adventure Queens is helping women from the UK and beyond have the confidence to get out there and get WILD.

So this podcast is dedicated to community and how it can help women in particular who need support get the joy and pleasures many of us may take for granted, from the outdoors.

Adventure Queens began as a (black-eyed) pea of an idea back in 2014 by adventurer and mischief maker, Anna McNuff.

At first it was the gathering of a few women for wild camping trips, and a series of interviews with brave ladies who had taken a leap into the unknown with their first big adventure.

Fast forward to summer 2017, and tribe builder extraordinaire Emma Frampton, aka Framps, came on board. With her love of bringing people together, marketing know-how and event organising – things went next level. The Adventure Queens community was born and has blossomed into the beautiful beast we know it to be today.

McNuff and Framps now run Adventure Queens together – offering regular tips and advice to a rapidly growing community of female adventure enthusiasts. Advice is delivered through bi-monthly emails, a Facebook group and relaxed, social wild camping events. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we don’t obsess about kit and we certainly think that you can EVER pack enough chocolate for a night out in the wild.

Adventure Queens Grant Winners

SUE (@adventurequeenmother) (AQ Grant 2017 winner undertook her adventure in 2018)

My adventure took me about 1300 miles along the spine of the Alps through 8 countries – Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland , France and Monaco. It roughly followed the Via Alpina red trail ( ). I journeyed by bike and foot for two and a half months carrying everything I needed,  camping and staying in mountain huts along the way.

VANESSA (@vanessajrichards) (AQ Grant 2018 winner undertook adventure in 2019)

‘Over the course of 7 weeks, Vanessa ambled her way solo and unsupported along Sweden’s top three long-distance hiking trails: the Kungsleden, Hцga Kusten Leden and St Olavsleden, ending up in Trondheim, Norway, with 1037km under her well-worn hiking boots.

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