No 492 – Tough Soles – Ireland Waymarked Trails Completed

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I spoke with Carl and Ellie last in September 2018 (Podcast 477) when they had 7 trails left to complete on their epic personal challenge of being the first people to walk every Waymarked Trail in the Republic of Ireland.

The very last gateway on the Wicklow Way of 42 trails and 4100km

At the time they were tired and almost broke, but still determined to complete the task.

They took on Patreon as a way of getting some simple financial support, something they felt uncomfortable doing, but it gave them the financial and emotional boost they needed to set about the rest of the trails without too much stress.

I’m please to say that in July this year they finally passed through the final stone gateway on the Wicklow Way to be greeted by an enthusiastic crown of family, friends and supporters who wanted to wish them well.

Ellie just can’t live without her daily slice of cake!

As you can see they even had cake to celebrate and as you’ll hear on the podcast the irony is the cake has probably been their staple diet for the whole walk, due to not taking cooking equipment and accessories.

Drone Image of Gougane Barra

Ellie makes a good point in the interview about carrying a drone. First the drone and equipment does increase the weight and bulk, but mainly she is concerned that the joy of the countryside is the peace and quiet and she was very aware that a drone can intrude in the moment and spoil it for others.

Drone Image of Roscommon

So yes inspiring images or video from a different perspective, but does the presence actually spoil the outdoors for others?

This project of their started two years ago as a six month idea to get away from it all. They gave up their home and possessions to achieve it and if you want to hear more about the story and how it all started, please check out Podcast No 477.

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Free maps of Ireland Trails can be found here
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DO check them out and see which trail in Ireland takes your fancy!

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