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We set up this first Product Live Stream review before the New Zealand shootings and since then the Live Streaming Services have naturally changed their auto start aspects of the live stream service.

So some of the technical difficulties we faced started this stream was out of our hands. The rest was definitely IN our hands. But we live and learn and hopefully the next stream will be slightly more ‘together’.

Hope you enjoy it and can see the possibilities for the future.


We are trying something new and if this is successful, we may start doing it with other outdoor gear.Join me at 6.45pm UK time on Thursday 11th April to chat about these two new rucksacks from Montane. The Trailblazer 44 and Halogen 45.

You’ll be able to join in the chat and ask questions of me and of Montane themselves relating to these products.

Technical check and welcomes start at 6.45pm and the program starts proper at 7pm. Come along and join in the and see how it all goes.


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