Montane – Yupik 50, Yupik 65 and Sirenik 65 Overview

This is a feature review of the 2018 Montane Yupik 50, Yupik 65 and Sirenik 65.

As you’ll see the Montane Yupik 50 offers a great all round pack with traditional features for a decent price. Split top and bottom compartments, good ventilation and a useful set of pockets will cover most needs.

The Yupik 65 and Womens Sirenik 65 increase the capacity of the pack for long hikes without much of a weight penalty as all packs are very close to the 1.5kg mark.

The biggest feature of these packs is the adjustable back system, which is quick and simple to adjust and makes the pack ideal for several users in the family. Suitable for DoE users and taller adults, who may share the same passion and want to get the most out of their investment.

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