No 465 – The Skye Trail – Pt2

After another wet night we had a short window of opportunity to wipe the tent down as best we could before packing it away at Cladach a Ghlinne.

Looking down to our campsite

The path then continued just a few kilometers to Camasunary, however once again there were a few places which troubled us with just a few inches of soil between the path and fresh air to the cliffs below.

Skye News – Man dies falling from cliff at Elgol

Approaching Camasunary bay. The bothy is on the far right

It took maximum concentration to ensure each step was of solid ground before placing weight on it. Maybe it is our age, maybe it was the weather. I’m sure on a warm sunny calm day the impression of the danger is vastly reduced.

It wasn’t long though before the Camasunary Bay opened up before us indicating three huts. The far left I think was the original bothy, the middle a lodge which is well maintained and the right building, the nearest was the new bothy and an excellent building it is too.

As modern facilities as you  could wish for, fantastic big bay windows to watch the wild life and the sea view and two very large sleeping bplatforms suitable for 15 people to sleep in comfort.

Just one of the many piles of sea born trash waiting for us at the bay

We had been informed that the amount of sea born trash which is blown up onto the beach never fails to shock and disappoint. Sadly we were to witness as many do, the mountains of plastics and boat paraphernalia, nets, ropes, etc, blown up onto the beach. There are regular clearance parties I understand, but still the rubbish keeps coming.

Leaving Camasunary behind
The Sligachan hotel is this way

The path continued to Sligachan which on a good day I’m sure would have been a wonderful Glen. However every path has become a stream and so we spent 90% of our time walking through water. Yes trail shoes were a great advantage in these conditions, although wet, our feet were never cold, due to the heat we generate as we walk.

Pausing to enjoy the view!

Finally we made it to the hotel and managed to pitch the tent on the campsite over the road during a brief dry spell. Once we were showered and clean things felt so much better and we treated ourselves to a decent meal in comfortable surroundings at the hotel.

Hotel campsite and the boggy camping ground

It was another wet night, disturbed by a group who had no consideration for anyone else within earshot. Sadly I had pitched in a slight dip which didn’t drain very well and we were disturbed by a soggy wet patch under my mat, as water had found its way in through a small hole. Nothing I could do, so i stuffed the bothy bag over it and went back to sleep.

Neither of us felt very enthusiastic in the morning and we struggled to get going. The breakfast at the hotel just wasn’t up to the standard of the evening meal and we both gave up and ate our luke warm porridge and toast before heading back onto the trail.

The walking started off boggy and tough, but the weather improved as we made it to the end of Lock Sligachan for the road section and we walked along this in relative hazy sunshine with a tail wind.

The end of Loch Sligachan and the sun came out!

However as we got closer to Portree this tail wind became the 45mph gusts we were promised and we were fairly swept into the town on the crest. Everyone was running around trying to get out of the weather, which although sunny just took your breath away.

The ripples on the river give an indication of the gusts. The video will show it better

We found the B&B Hamara just off the centre and Marion was the most helpful person we could have wished to meet there. She plied us with a big mug of tea and warmth. Her shed became the drying room so I could repair the groundsheet and she ran me up to the campsite a mile out of town to collect a parcel which was waiting for us. That was the welcome out of this miserable weather we needed and we were very grateful.

The forecast continued to look gloomy for the next 24 hours and so we booked to stay another night, which meant we had 24 hours to dry out, sort out our gear and rest our feet.

And we couldn’t have found a better place to do it.

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