No 461 – The Photography Show – Pt3

A great podcast for you packed full on interesting information all related to outdoors and photography. We meet Nikon and FujiFilm who make their suggestions as to the good, better, best cameras for outdoor enthusiasts.

The suggestion from Nikon includes the point and shoot tough camera the W300, the more elaborate D5600 and their current popular all singing and all dancingĀ D500

Andy speaks with Mark Seymour from the Adventure Travel Photography company who specialise in the total immersive experience of taking you to exotic locations around the world, travelling off the beaten track and capturing images of people and places which will bring your travel photography to life.

Interesting to hear the unique approach FujiFilm take towards each product in their XT range. They all actually use the same sensor throughout but it is just the extra features you pay for. This includes the X-T20, the X-T2 and the new X-H1.

Finally Andy spots a unique product which has come to market via Kickstarter, the Lumo Power which provides you with accurate exposure and colour temperature readings using your iPhone. See the video for more detail.

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