No 454 – The Cape Wrath Trail – Part 4

Sandwood Bay is a wonderful location, thankfully far off the tourist track, which accounts for the peace it offers for the more adventurous backpacker.

There are stories of Vikings, Ghosts, Mermaids and sunken boats and treasure. Sadly none of which we found.

I recall we have the entire place to ourselves and saw one other person leaving as we arrived, which gave us the place to ourselves all afternoon and night, on a Sunny Spring day. Wonderful stuff.

I do descend into a long gear review in this podcast and many of the items have changed or are no longer manufactured. It is interesting to listen to this list and apart from those few items, the key parts of my gear which I take haven’t changed very much.

Obviously the Bushcraft equipment is no longer taken unless it is a lowland adventure.

The changes;

Aquagear Filter bottle has been undated to The Travel Tap

Foody tips the super simple recipee for Bannock Bread – Mix 3 parts self raising flour with 1 part powered milk

Sadly the Orikaso Folding plate is now finished and copied by factories galore in China. However the original ‘popper’ plates are still gold in my book.

Golite Pinnacle Rucksack – Ceased trading many years ago.

Golite Hex 3 – as above and the design is now updated and improved by Nigot/WickiUp.

The fantastic flat Avid Shaving Blade, I suspect threatened with legal action by Gilette.

Ulimate Survival Mirror – Now finished. Other brands doing very similar

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  1. Alan Callow

    I loved listening to these 1st time round so thanks for putting them out again, this is the 1st time I have seen them with accompanying photos. Great shots


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