The next few podcasts are to make up for my silence of these last few weeks.

I am soon to be interviewing Keith Foskett regarding his forthcoming book High and Low, part of which touches on the Cape Wrath Trail.

So before speaking with him, I thought I would re-visit my 2008 adventure and recycle the 5 part series to inspire our audience to consider one of the last wilderness trails in the UK.

It has been a joy to listen to these again and I do hope you find them equally interesting.

If you are seeking a remote adventure and want to challenge yourself both physically and mentally then Cape Wrath offers the kind of solitude and beauty that is so rare to find.

In this first episode we eventually make our way out of Ullapool, via the Outdoor Shop and the purchase of a Paramo Velez Smock and head off into the wilds.

At the start of the day the weather was lovely, beyond expectations for that time of year.

However as anyone who has been to Scotland will know, you can easily be on the receiving end of four seasons in one day, which somewhat dampend our spirits.

However it was a good start. We were off and the wild remote land of the west coast of Scotland beckoned us.

The guide used for this trip was by Cicerone Press. Check it out for updates and more detail.

3 thoughts on “No 451 – The Cape Wrath Trail – Part 1”

  1. I’ve had these on my mp3 player for years, gets played in the car regularly along with most of your other series too Bob. Completed the CWT in 2014 and made use of the great information contained in the podcasts.
    Only two days of rain on the whole route and finished with an extra couple of days at Sandwood Bay, I’d quite happily do it again.

  2. Really enjoying listening to the Cape Wrath trail episodes, and especially love the music that accompanied them which makes it all the more enjoyable.

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