No 449 – A Brand New Year

It was a very, very pleasant New Years Eve for Rose and I as Andy and Kate finally made it over to our new place and following a nice wet afternoons walk on the local Malvern Hills to give Pip the dog a good stretch, we settled in for a magnificent Venison Stew and a night of laughter with our old friends.

After a good sleep we all woke to a new day and a New Year and naturally after the usual pleasantries were exchanged we got down to the more important breakfast topics of how much weight Andy and I need to lose and why Trail Shoes were more suitable for most outdoor activties than Boots!

There was much discussion also over the topics I would like to look at this year for both the audio and video content, which seemed to be coming up with regularity on the various forums and Facebook pages. usually the simplest questions which result in the longest or most prolific of answers.

We discuss this in more detail in the podcast and how things have changed for all of us in the last few years.

We have been as guilty as the next man of ‘recording’ the adventures, but rarely discussing the pleasures and deeper enjoyment one can get from stopping and looking at the view. So we are both going to try and make it a key part of whatever we do this year. Bring in more personal value from the benefits of getting out there in some form or other.

Andy goes into much more detail on his blog which you might find interesting to read.

I would like to try and get a little more interaction with others too this year. So in the podcast I have suggested the idea of sharing cooking tips or cooking experiences which are a world away from the instant packet food.

This all came about following our Christmas meal detailed in the last podcast, where I proved it was possible to cook up a proper fresh 3 course Christmas meal in a tent and our approach to enjoying food in the hills.

I’ve often chatted with people about their cooking styles and foody pleasures we all enjoy. So I thought I would see if there are others who would like to join me to share their camping and food pleasures with a wider audience, maybe meet somewhere for a wild camp and enjoy some extreme fine dining?

If you are interested or have any suggestions please drop me a line on the usual email address and we will see where it takes us.

So I’ll leave you with the best wishes for 2018. I write this on the 3rd Jan and already Christmas and New Years fun seems a distant memory.

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