No 448 – Christmas Podcast

So here we are at the end of the 2017 and I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributed to this podcasts and great to hear the variety of relationships they have had with The Outdoors Station during our 12 years and 10,000,00+ downloads.

In order we hear from Alan Callow and Brian Vargo from Vargo Outdoors in the US. We sell a lot of his clever little titanium inventions at and he’s a genuine nice guy too.

Author Su Viccars drops by from The Two Moors Way series we recorded earlier this year, don’t forget there also a couple of videos the view too.









It is a while since we chatted with Alpkit and they have been busy too with the opening of their new showroom in the lakes. Hopefully we can follow up with Dave Hanney during 2018.

Finally Sarah Jackson calls in from New Zealand and offers to tell us more about some of their long distance hikes and trails there, which I must follow up.

Two of the most popular podcast were 336 and 337 where Andy Howell and I wild camp in Wales in 2011, in December during a major storm and I set myself the task of cooking a fresh 3 course Christmas Meal to enjoy. It was a great laugh and proves it is possible, so there’s a small excerpt to temp you to go back and listen to it again.





Writer David Lintern takes a few moments to remember his thoughts on this very same Xmas podcast as well as his impressions and memories of the series.

Katy Mccullagh added some glamour and fun to a few product videos (hiking poles and folding chairs) which gave her some presenting experience which she used to help start her career in the entertainment industry. She calls in from the TV studio she now runs on a very large boat, somewhere near Australia.

Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a contribution from our European correspondant, Roman Ackle who have been a fan, supporter and big helper to our content from his base in Germany. As he rightly states, of all the outdoors podcasts started years ago (Wildebeat, Trailcast, Practical Backpacking) we are one of the few remaining. Interesting observations.

It also wouldn’t be complete without Chris Townsend too. I hadn’t realised we had interviewed him some 14 times now along with various chats at trade fairs. Another all round nice guy and someone I want to chat with more in 2018.

Another writer Alex Roddie also explains his relationship with the podcasts and how it helped him in his early hiking days think about kit selection and hiking routes. Best wishes to him and his partner on his forthcoming marriage.

Another popular podcast were the interviews I did with Treadlite Gear and Stormin Stoves. Uk cottage manufacturers. It is always good to hear we help small independents lift their profile and raise awareness in our little way. Great that they are both doing well.






Lee Wells, one of my irregular hiking partners from the TGO Challenge also drops by with his thoughts on the video of his 10th crossing. I was fully expecting some abuse and sarcasm, but I guess he’s saving that for the next time we meet up in Scotland 🙂

Colin Woolford mentions his favourites and Rich Sheward from Trek-Lite forum reminds me that everyone starts somewhere and once they gain confidence the world is their proverbial oyster.

Finally Steve Bunting puts me in my place with a story about the effect the podcast has had on his family life.

Thank you one and all for your comment and feedback, the lines ares till open for the next few weeks if you want to join in?

I know it isn’t a comfortable thing to do to use an answer machine, but it really helps inspire me to keep going knowing that everyone is getting a wealth of pleasure and knowledge from whatever I do and share.

Whishing you a happy, healthy and safe 2018 in the company of those you love.

Bob and Rose


  1. Stormin'Norman Reeves.

    I enjoy your ‘casts Bob, Always something different and interesting.
    Keep on doing it your way.


  2. Rich Sheward

    OMG, I sound so northern, what happened to my Worcester accent
    Well done Bob, keep it up fella


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