No 433 – Two Moors Way – Packing

This podcast has been done in a bit of a rush, however I thought listeners would like to hear the gear choices and reasons for the forthcoming 120 mile Two Moors Way from Wembury to Lynmouth coast to cost south to north.

The weather has been dry the last week or so and the forecast is looking fair, so I am hoping the weather gods will shine on me for the duration.

Updated 25/4/17 to the actual packed items on the day before I leave. I thought I would double check everything and try them on the scales for reference.

Rucksack packing etc 1.37kg
Gossamer Gear – Silverback Rucksack with frame, less ‘Brain/Lid’, slightly modified plus a handful ofย sil-nylon roll top bags. One for sleep system, one for spare clothes, one for electronics and one large enough to put the whole rucksack in at night.
Various Aloksak bags. Two large for all the food, several small ones for wallet, phone, and tickets etc. Various plastic bags for rubbish and to transfer purchased items out of the packaging into the rucksack.

Shelter System 830g – Solo Tarp
12 x Slim line Titanium stakes
4 x 2m lengths of standard black paracord.

Sleep System- In waterproof roll top bag 1.416kg
Thermarest Alpine (old model) or Corus Down Quilt (If it arrives in time)
Thermarest Neo Air – Full length
Backpacking – sample bivvy bag (Waterproof base + 2 layer Goretex upper)

Cook System – Stored in pot cosy and small sil-nylon bag 1.056kg
Titan Solo Wood Burning Stove
Evernew 1300ml Ti Non-Stick Pot ECA 415
Pot cosy
Folding titanium spork
Pen knife
Mini whisk
Mini silicone spatula
Small jay cloth off cut
Small sponge off cut
Small bottle organic soap
Orikaso folding plate
Coghlans twin egg carrier
Strip of Hammer tinder card
Light My Fire – Scout flint/steel
MSR Titan Mug
Nalgene 300ml screw top pot

Wearing 1.482kg
Embers Merino t-shirt
Vaude briefs
X-Socks – Trek-Lite
Montane Trail Tights
Montane Cap
Inov-8 Rocklite 280
Mountain King Skyrunner – Carbon Poles

Insulation – In waterproof roll top bag 390g
Rab Generator Smock
Montane Prism Trousers (added last minute due to a chilly forecast)

Wet Weather – In front mesh pocket 1.016kg
Montane Spine Smock
Montane Spine Rain Pants
Montane Minimum Mitts
Outdoor Designs Sticky gloves
Rab eVent ankle gaiters

Spare Clothing – In waterproof roll top bag 576g
Montane Primino 140G zip neck
Vaude briefs

Hydration 284g
1 ltd Platypus bottle x 2
Travel Tap filter bottle

Wash Kit 338g
MSR Towel
Small bottle soap
Avid Razor
Foot Cream and Foot Balm in small jars

First Aid Kit 198g
Small items, plasters, tablets, cream etc

Accessories 410g
Cicerone guide – Two Moors way
Yellow Publications Maps for Two Moors Way x 2
Silva Compass
iPhone – Routebuddy software

Head Torch 84g

Recording 544g
Lumix FT3 camera
Tascam DR-05 Recorder
Ear phones and tie mic

Charging 366g
Batteries x 3
USB charger
Folding mains twin USB plug (to charge iPhone and Lumix together)

Food 2.10kg
6ย days of dehydrated morning and evening meals. Snacks, Tea, Powered Milk, handful of bars

Grand Total 12.45kg
Less food, items worn, poles and wet weather gear 7.859kg




  1. Neil Gales

    Hi Bob,
    I just wanted to wish you good luck on your walk. You have probably prepared in a military fashion but I would just like to point out that BBC Weather says that overnight temps for Tues & Thurs in Plymouth are +2 degrees so you can probably knock this down by a few degrees on the moor overnight. You could refuel at The Ivy Fish Bar at 42 Fore Street, Ivybridge & then purchase a pasty to eat later on. Are you planning an over-night stop at Piles Copse by any chance ?
    All the best,


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Hi Neil, thanks for the advice on Ivybridge Chippy. Not sure what time of day I will be passing through if they will be open, but it sounds like my kindaplace and I do like a Pasty ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the info regarding temp. The first night will be before Ivybridge depending what time I get to Wembury and I think I will have passed Piles Copse during the second day. It wasn’t on my schedule.

      You joining me somewhere? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Matt

    Hi Bob

    Good luck with the trip. Will be looking out for updates ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Would be interested to hear how you get on with your larger than average bivy bag. I feel in the UK we really lack a good choice of bags. Always too small once you stick a NeoAir in IMO. In short when will it be available via BPL? ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is always ex-army issue of course but then the wait does go up quite a bit.


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