9 Million Downloads and 1 Million Views!

This is an epic moment for us as we pass the 9 million download figure for the podcast we started way back in 2005. It is about time we shouted about our epic success from the hill tops as no other independently produced outdoors Podcast has been around for this number of years, nor reached these dizzy heights.

Although there are many newcomers on the Podcast and Social Media scene all scrambling to gain a foothold in the ever busy ‘independent’ market place, they all have much to do to gain the audience engagement and reach we have achieved.

It isn’t often we promote these figures, after all they are probably meaningless to many listeners who just want free entertainment. However for those listening in the outdoors world who wish to reach this audience, interact with them and share their passion, this is a massive world-wide achievement.

Please join us in celebrating this news in whatever way you can. I want to world to know what we have achieved with our listeners and the more commercial involvement we get, the better the long term content you’ll receive. Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Also with over 1 million YouTube views we are inspired to increase our range of content and involve more people in what we produce. Listen to the podcast and maybe join in?


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  1. Bill Goodrich

    Hi Bob, I’ve listened to every one of your podcasts since day 1 and I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do. (I did get a little scared when you signed off for a while last year). You never mentioned if you did complete your goal of camping out once a month for a year straight. Your podcast is still my favorite. Best wishes, Bill in Ohio


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