There is a vast selection of Podcast producers now on the scene. Some of whom produce good quality, entertaining material and others who quite frankly, don’t.

I wanted to support those who do. Fellow creators who produce ‘the good stuff’ and especially those who produce material I feel will be of interest to my Outdoor audience.

More variety, more passion and appreciation of the world around us is a good thing right?

So this is part one of a new series entitled Recommended Listening and it my pleasure to introduce you to the Adventure Sports Podcast from the US and the Tough Girl Podcast in good old blighty!

The Adventure Sports Podcast

Click here for the website
Click here for 180 Tack website
Click here for the RSS feed
And click here for the iTunes link

The Tough Girl Podcast

Click here for the website
Click here for Twitter feed
Click here for Instagram feed
Click here for Facebook page
Click here for Tumbler
Click here for Pintrest
Click here for Patreon
Click here fore Stitcher RSS feed
And click here for iTunes


Please drop them a line to let them know how you found them and leave a comment here too if they hit the spot. More recommended listening coming very soon.


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