This is a podcast to help you recharge your soul. When you feel that no one may understand your desire to get out more, or get away, or choose a different route in life, or your career, this could open the doors to a gathering happening very soon near London, which could help dust off the cobwebs of your soul and take you down a different path in life.

Worth a listen? I hope so.

Yestival 21st to 23rd October All inclusive, food and camping,

Yestival – Brinsbury Campus, North Heath, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1DL

I need to be there, however I also have a massive family commitment which clashes with the date and I am so disappointed as so many people I have recently been in touch with, at the request of our listeners will be there to talk with. So I can only hope they get in touch after and share the love.

These include;

ELISE DOWNING – Recently completed running the circumference of the UK – Contacted and awaiting a reply

SOPHIE RADCLIFFE – Professional Adventurer and Racer – Need to contact

COCKLESS CREW – Rowed 8446 Miles travelled – 257 days at sea across Pacific 2015

EMMA TIMMIS – Ran across Africa – Contacted and awaiting reply

SARAH WILLIAMS – Producer and adventurer of the Tough Girl Podcast, who I will be talking to soon.

Mentioned > Tommy Scargill cycling to China

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