Montane Ultra Tour 55 – Overview

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The Montane Ultra Tour 55 rucksack is often missed by people in their search for a lightweight alternative to others on the market.

The weight is 811gm and it can be stripped down to nearly 700g by removing all the external webbing, as show in the video.

If your base weight is 12kg or below then this could suit your needs.

The only flaw it does have is that it only suits those with a slim frame. Anyone with less than a 42″ chest and 34″ hips will find this a superb option.

As you’ll see in the video the shoulder harness and hip belt is constructed using thin foam, not heavy padding, which once again reminds us that it isn’t designed for more than 12kg capacity.

At less than £100 it is a great option for those searching for an alternative.

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