How To Link Walking/Trekking Poles using Extenders/Sections

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The ability to double up the usage of a trekking or walking pole to create a single strong support for shelters which include tarps, Duo Mid, Solo Mid, Hex Peak, Mini Peak, WickiUp, Shangria La and many more saves the additional need and weight, of carrying an extra tent support.

The three linking sections, or extenders from shown in the video work with a variety of ‘twist-lock’ and ‘flick-lock’ poles on the market from many manufacturers, Leki, Black Diamond, Mountain King, Pacer, Trekmates, Alpkit, Komperdell, Craghppers, Roben and many, many more.

This video shows you how each of the three extenders fit certain types of poles and an easy way to measure the diameter of your poles to know which one is right for you.

3 Section ‘twist-lock’ trekking/walking poles generally fall into two sets of measurements. The ‘classic pole’ is 18mm/16mm/14mm and the ‘slim-line pole’ is 16mm/14mm/12mm.

3 Section ’Flick-lock poles’ are ore often than not 16mm/14mm12mm. However new models offer a mixture of ‘twist-lock’ and ‘flick-lock’ in the same design which often confuses the issue. If in doubt please contact the manufacturer for accurate specifications.

To add to the confusion the classic Pacer Pole is 18mm/16mm/14mm and therefore requires the 14mm link section to replace the lower section. However this would mean that the odd shaped handle is at either end.

The Carbon Fibre Pacer Poles are 16mm/14mm/12mm and therefore require the 16mm section which replaces the handle, which results in a ‘tip’ at either end.

As good as this system is, it doesn’t work with certain ‘all in one’ variable poles which are permanently attached with ‘cord’ or ‘rubber bungie’ between each section.

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