How to fit a Gossamer Gear 2016 Robic Belt to a Mariposa or Gorilla

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July 2016: The latest improvement to the Gossamer Gear Mariposa and Gorilla ‘Robic’ packs, is the frame now locates into the hip belt, rather than remains ‘internally’ inside the pack.

This does make a great difference to the ‘carry’ and the pack now really feels connected to the wearers frame.

However fitting the hip belt is slightly more effort than before, partly because when the rucksack arrives, the exit points for the frame, where it leaves the inside of the pack to slot into the hip belt, isn’t as clear as it could be.


This video is to explain how to fit the belt easily and offers a few tips on making your life as simple as possible.

The process is vary simple, and will only take a few minutes, but requires a little attention so as not to get frustrated or damage the pack. All you need a a biro or piece of similar dowel and a sheet of card or paper.

2016-Hipbelt-2 2016-Hipbelt-1

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