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I have just realised that I hadn’t placed the video of the Backpackinglight shows here for the world to see from 2014 OR 2015, so I thought it was about time to set this right.

I could give you lots of information about gear and such, however the important part is that in 2014 together with the donations from all the visitors, we raised £300 and split it 50/50 between Mountain Rescue in Scotland and the rest of UK.

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This year in 2015 we raised £500 in exactly the same way, with donations made at the refreshments stand and with a Charity Raffle which has now been presented to The British Heart Foundation.


Thanks everyone for your support on both years and here’s to the future 🙂

Bob, Rose, Jono and Christine.

4 thoughts on “The Backpackinglight Outdoor Show – 2014 and 2015”

  1. Could have done without the first one and a half minutes of heavy noise (was that supposed to be music?) and snappy camera shots – I nearly did not watch any further. Once into the feature it was pretty good but some of the vocals were a little low when people turned away from the camera. Don’t mean to be negative because overall it was a good watch.

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