No 389 – The TGO Challenge 2015 – Part One

So here you have it, back by popular demand as Andy and I undertake, once again with recorders in hand, the 2015 TGO Challenge. A 200 mile backpacking event walking from the west coast to the east coast of Scotland organised by The Great Outdoors magazine.

Limited to 300 participants, this event is unique, as it isn’t a race or competition, but purely exists to promote fellowship amongst backpackers who come to join in from all over the world.

In this episode you’ll hear Andy arrive at Shiel Bridge where he meets up with Challenge friends new and old, for a wild night before setting out on Friday 8th of May.

Rose and I set off the same day from Glenelg. As you’ll hear we are all thrilled and in some way, confused to be enjoying fine weather to equal our high spirits. It isn’t often the TGOC starts this way.


This is the view from our B&B in Glenelg. Imagine waking up to this superb view of the Ilse of Skye every single day of your life? Why would you want to live anywhere else? I’m sure sometimes it actually rains however, but on this our first day, it was silence, warm and purely magical.

Day1CAlong our route after an hour was the first Broch we had ever seen. I never knew they existed. Very much like Avebury, they obviously had a practical use, but who built them, why and with what knowledge people can only speculate. Magnificent though.

Day1BDay1DAnd now we are starting into the wild country. What a perfect day for walking, will the weather hold I wonder!

Day1EIt did seem to be a day following power lines, but the miles flew by and we arrived in good time. Tired but elated.

Day1FAfter a wash down in the stream and completing the domestic chores it was bedtime at 8.30, and boy did we sleep well.







Mapping supplied by Routebuddy


  1. Robin

    Enjoyed that. Look forward to the rest!


  2. Rich

    Hi Bob
    Well done,enjoyed that imemnseley and what a supporting cast you have gathered.Those 42 mins went so quick,Cant wait until the next installments.


  3. Michael Barbosa

    I enjoyed this story. Can’t wait for the next installment. I live in the canyons of New York city, so it is a vicarious joy to travel with you on your TGO walk across Scotland.


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