Helinox Chair One, Alite Mayfly and Monarch – Chair Review

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There are some new styles and designs of camp chairs now available and here are a selection of three of them. Light, compact, functional and pretty cool in design.

They are ideal for any kind of outdoor activity, not only the social camping and watching fireworks etc, but also cyclists, bushcrafters and campers generally who want a decent sitting position while they take in the view or enjoy a brew.
Chair title 600
They are certainly not cheap, however this means they are well designed using quality materials and tested to in all kinds of uses. Unlike the cheap and cheerful chairs which fall apart after one trip to the beach, these should last you a long time and share every good relaxing memory with you.

The Helinox Chair One and the Alite designs the Mayfly and Monarch will soon be seen on a campsite near you!

Available in the UK from backpackinglight.co.uk

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