The West Highland Way is a 96 mile established hiking trail in
Scotland which takes walkers from the outskirts of Glasgow to the foot
of Ben Nevis past the beautiful Loch Lomond and through the Trossachs
National Park.

It is a trail which many first time long distance hikers cut their
teeth on, as although it is remote in places providing that desirable
experience of solitude, it is still within reach of civilisation
should you need to terminate your trip due to weather or other

It is also well serviced by campsites, B&Bs and luggage courier
services, for those who want to complete the walk without carrying all
their gear.

Rose being a true backpacker, undertook this walk taking everything
she needed with her, in mid April 2013 and this podcast covers her
experience, discussing the route, the terrain and if she felt, as a
lone female hiker, vulnerable at a stage of the experience.

4 thoughts on “No 361 – The West Highland Way”

  1. Good on you Rose!

    Very brave stuff tackling The West Highland way on your own. Very inspiring for others to follow.
    Very informative & enjoyable podcast that does really paint a picture in your mind of the experience. Hope one day to do the walk myself, this will help with my thinking on it a great deal.
    Learnt so much from your website & podcast`s, is always on my favourites list.

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Mark

  2. great account of the WHW, can you do a gear list please? – I live in Glasgow and get lots of friends starting WHW and ask for gear advice. I’ve seen enough people taking the whole house and struggling to know that they should take less!

  3. Great podcast, with lots of really useful information in it. Planning to work in May so it was good hearing a more personal view of the route.

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