This is the third podcast from the four part series recorded at the 2012 Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen and here we look at US Brands.

A new exhibitor at the show was Tae Kim with his two companies Boreas and Alite.

Boreas Gear won an award for their variable sprung back system 30 litre pack. However their full range incorporated a very slick design style which elegantly flowed through the range. Check out

The TevaSphere shoe has been produced following consolation with eminent medical research all concentrating on foot placement and balance. Amy Stanfield takes us through the core design principles and the reasons why this will aid your walking, hiking and running experience.

We return once again to chat with Tae, only this time we look at the Alite range of outdoor products which are compact, light and of course, beautifully designed.










Finally the Biolite Stove, was for me the star of the show. The slick combination of function, form, design and awareness of environment resources. Its a stove which burns organic material and at the same time generates electricity to charge the internal fan battery and a USB socket. Perfect for remote travellers who seek confidence that they will never run out of fuel. Its a fascinating product and one which captured the imagination of many trade visitors.

Fuel for thought!

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