No 344 – Swiss Alps and Kyrgyzstan

In this Podcast, Andy takes the helm and interviews two people with inspiring stories to tell.

The first is author Kev Reynolds at the launch in London of Cicerone’s new Swiss Alps guidebook. Another well thought out and laid out addition to their range, this stunning guidebook describes each mountain area throughout Switzerland – the peaks, passes, valleys and bases – to help you identify the best destinations to plan your trip.

It’s another detailed extravaganza of information to make your trip a great success. Getting there, where to stay, what to take, where to eat and how to enjoy the region to the max, keeping as safe as possible.

Truly an excellent addition to the extensive Cicerone library and another of for your book shelf.

Buy the book here.

Later he meets Christy Acton who has recently started Monobo Adventures. An adventure travel tour company that takes people who travel to special wild places around the globe to provide an authentic and unforgettable experience. Having explored every corner of these fascinating places they want to share their passion for these places with you, where meeting the local people is just as important as soaking up the amazing landscapes.

Its a fascinating story about turning your passion into your business, and then make it work just for the love of it.

Check out their website here

Check out their blog here

Executive Producer of this podcast – William Goodrich from Doylestown, Ohio who has made a donation to The Outdoors Station to assist with our ever increasing running costs. Many thanks William and I hope you enjoy these.


  1. david

    Whether I listen to episode 344 from here or catching it in a podcatcher it seems to actually be episode 343. So instead of land locked Switzerland I get all of the Welsh coast. Much as I love the Welsh coast I have already listened to that episode.


  2. egcg

    Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!


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