Luxe Outdoor – Mega Horn – First look

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Many outdoors people have been talking about this tent for a while. Especially the bushcrafters, paddlers, cycle tourers and motor cycle tourers.

The demand is high for a decent quality, reasonably light and most importantly, affordable teepee style tent, which offers great coverage, plenty of storage space in a compact package. have just started importing this range and already the demand is high as this is the first tent in the UK which offers so much for so little. Less than £200 will get you the complete package, shelter, inner nest for 2, poles and pegs. Total weight 4.5kg, so not unreasonable for 2 to carry on foot.

But perfect for those with storage space in the pack or panniers.

For those who seek to camp out in the winter, there’s a removable chimney cap to enable the correct and safe fitting of a wood burning tent stove, for sauna type luxury.

The height on a normal day is 2.2m, but the central pole extends an extra 50cm or so to offer the chance to dig down in the snow and make even more room should you need it.

This shape of tent is a big hit with the kids. They love the whole teepee experience, and somehow the shape is more associated in their mind to outdoor wild living than the more complex and heavy, ‘tent bungalows’ which can often be found on campsites.

However what appeals most of all is the amount of free space this unit offers even with the nest clipped into place on the pole. By unclipping it, the nest drops to leave you with a large comfortable area to sit on while you watch the world go by.


  1. Malcolm watts

    What wood burning stove for heating the tent would you recommend and could it stay in situ with the nest up?
    One thing seems strange, why have insect netting doors without a sewn in groundsheet, surely the little critters will just come up out of the grass
    Ps. I wish you would stop putting new products on your website, it costs me money!!


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Sadly I don’t have enough experience with that kind of stove to give advice I’m afraid. Some people I know are using the Frontier Stove but you have to ensure you protect the skin correctly and of course cutting a hole in it will negate your guarantee.

      Are regards bugs, they might be bringing out a floor sometime this year, so we will have to wait and see.


  2. len

    It would be nice to see the price of your products .


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