No 342 – Paddle – Interview with Jasper Winn Pt 2

Part two – One summer, writer and musician, Jasper Winn set himself the extraordinary task . He would kayak the whole way around Ireland – a thousand miles – camping on remote headlands and islands, carousing in bars and paddling clockwise until he got back to where he started.

But in the worst Irish summer in living memory the pleasures of idling among seals, fulmars and fishing boats soon gave way to heroic struggles through storm-tossed seas … and lock-ins playing music in coastal pubs.

The book ‘Paddle – A long way around Ireland’ is a great read, something that, for once, the reader feels he could do himself. Just a guy out for a day, and then another, and then another. Until it became the stuff of legends.

Jasper talks us through the book and in this two part series, talks of his childhood history, his passion for nature and we discuss the crossroads where technology and adventure meet and sometimes takes all the fun out of it.


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