The 2012 Pocket Stove – Stainless Steel and Titanium

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A first look at the popular 2012 Pocket Stove manufactured in the UK by backpackinglight.

The Pocket Stove provides a variety of multi-fuel cooking solutions, for hikers, backpackers, kayakers, fishermen and bushcraft enthusiasts who want to keep things simple and cook over a wood burning camping stove.

The flat pack item is available in Stainless Steel (141g) or Titanium (65g) and packs away into a small folding tin, which will sit neatly inside most cooking pots, or mugs.

As a wood burner, the base plate sits in the lower slot and only a handful of twigs will bring a 400ml pot of water to a rolling boil as show in this video in less than 6 minutes.

If the tray is moved to the upper slot, it makes it ideal for use with Esbit/Hexamine tablets. Getting the best heat from the simplest solution.

The stove is designed to work specifically with a standard Trangia alcohol burner, which will slot into either of the locations on the stove. You’ll see it here in operation and it compares almost equally with the time time taken to raise 400ml of water to the boil.

It will also work well with most other top burning alcohol stoves, such as the Vargo Triad, the Evernew and other Pepsi can stoves.

Available in .7mm Stainless Steel and .5mm Titanium. The latter results in users getting an incredible flexible cooking solution, for considerably less weight.

Titanium wood burning stoves are the ultimate in lightweight backpacking, hiking solutions and you’ll never need to worry about gas or other made made fuels ever again!


  1. mitch nix

    How much please and where can I get one?


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Can you see the advert on the top right of the page?

      That links to where you will find it advertised.


  2. Ned

    I watched with amazement again at the usefulness thinking I was going to have to get a whole stove – But no – you’ve done it again and I can fit the new unit it in my existing honey stove!

    True design!!!

    Thanks – I’ll be ordering soon.



  3. Harvey

    It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people in this particular subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking
    about! Thanks


  4. len

    Your video dose not tell how much this little stove is.So what does it cost?


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