The 2012 Honey Stove and Hive Stove – Stainless and Titanium

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A first look at the popular 2012 Honey Stove and Hive Stove expansion kit manufactured in the UK by

The Honey Stove provides 2 multi-fuel cooking solutions, for hikers, backpackers, kayakers, fishermen and bushcraft enthusiasts who want to keep things simple and cook over a wood burning camping stove.

The square configuration is a small compact and light stove using organic matter, or one of many meths (denatured alcohol) stoves on the market. The best combination, is with the Trangia Stove which slots into place, but many others can be used. The Vargo Triad, the Evernew and many coke can stoves.

The hexagonal set up, allows the user to cook over wood, charcoal, meths stoves, greenheat, gas convertors even night light candles, and provides a 6″ x 6″ food grade cooking grill to support several pots and pans, or as a direct cooking surface.

The Hive Stove is an expansion pack which takes the Honey Stove from 6 sides to 8 sides to make the unit more efficient for couples or group use. With an 18cm spread and a grill measuring 7″ x 7″, it is possible to cook a couple of trout, several burgers or 3 pots and pans.

Both stoves are now available in .7mm Stainless Steel and .5mm Titanium. The latter results in users getting an incredible flexible cooking solution, for considerably less weight.

Titanium wood burning stoves are the ultimate in lightweight backpacking, hiking solutions and you’ll never need to worry about gas or other made made fuels ever again!

Providing you only burn dead wood and organic matter, this could be the most environmentally friendly cooking solution for outdoors people everywhere!


  1. Luke Sato

    I noticed on your video using the Optimus Nova stove with the Honey Stove. It also looks like you’ve taken apart the Optimus stove but noticed a pair of metal arms to hold it in the Trangia stove adaptor. Those metal arms are not part of Optimus correct? How are you holding the Optimus stove onto the Trangia adaptor?


  2. Mick

    Okay, you sold me. Where do I order one?


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