No 339 – 4 Year World Cycle Trip – Pt 1

At the beginning of this podcast I mention Sinéad McClure and her fantastic gentle narration of the year and its many seasons whilst walking on the Calender Road.
Her Facebook page is here, and the website is here.

Well worth loading up the iPod with and absorbing a slower, more gentle speed of life in Ireland. Recommended.

Then I go on to mention the other stimulating source of information for the self powered traveler, The Bike Show which is a regular show on Resonance FM and also released as a podcast.  There’s some really interesting topics discussed here as well as a portfolio of interesting interviews with cyclists of all ages, and their love and passion of cycling.

Which brings me to this first interview with Warren and Esther Sanders, who are currently one year into their four year around the world trip.

Here we chat about all the practicalities of doing something like this. About life, about time, about money and about the rewards of taking a big risk. It’s good to hear the reactions of people they meet on route and even better to know that people with a good heart and good intentions still outweigh all the negative news we hear on a daily basis.

Part one covers the initial part of the trip, the setting off and the getting into their stride while traveling through New Zealand. Part two will cover heading into the USA and some of the many experiences they had there.


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