How to make a Clip On Cone Windshield

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The primary method for maximising the heat output from any stove, is of course a decent windshield. These can take many forms and usually prevent the wind taking the heat from the base of the pot. This keeps the base of the pot hot, however as heat rises it is generally being lost up the sides.

One excellent solution is the Caldera Cone, which performs an excellent job of containing the alcohol stove and trapping maximum heat up the rim of the pot.

This video shows you how to calculate and make a conical windshield which clips to your pot and which can be used over any heat source. Until the Caldera, it doesn’t rest on the ground and support the weight of the pot, so it can be made from lighter and more flexible material.

It is designed to trap as much air as possible around the rim of the pot and maximise the heat output for any stove, be it alcohol, gas, wood or esbit/hexamine.


  1. Bob Andrews

    We made one yesterday and works fine. Will compliment my meths Caldera Cone.

    Hope the holiday is refreshing you!


  2. paul walsh

    ingenious bob you have solved an old problem with a simple but very effective idea well done


  3. Sue

    where can I buy the aluminium foil from in the uk?


    • theoutdoorsstation

      The only place in the UK you will find it is here


    • Michael

      did you find the aluminium? I have been looking for a year now. This included driving to the Irn Bru factory here in Scotland…..


      • theoutdoorsstation

        Super thin windshield can be found at


      • andy kerr

        No point going there,,

        That stuff is made from girders 8▪)


  4. aa

    You could perhaps make the cone hang off the lid rather than the pan, so no hooks in your soup.

    Also, for canister top gas stoves, even though canister is not (and should not be )included in cone,you would need to make sure there is enough exhaust venting to avoid trapped heat being conducted down the stove body into the lindal valve (which has plastic parts): someone on an USA website trapped too much heat with a windshield and base around the pot, with canister open to air, and melted the valve. Also, probably need to monitor canister temperature in case of reflected heat or buy a remote stove or use meths…..


  5. Mike sumner

    Hi, great idea. Thanks for sharing. As for where to get the aluminium, you can use roof flashing which you can get from hardware stores. It is a bit thicker though.


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