European Podcast Awards 2011

As many faithful listeners will know, we have won the UK Business Podcaster award for the last 2 years running in the European Podcast Awards.

This year I have been asked if I will act as a judge for the 2011 awards which is a great honour, and I’m looking forward to getting my listening list any day now.

I’m not sure which category or number of Podcasts I will have to listen to, but I am hoping to be entertained and inspired by the work of others, albeit for commercial or enthusiast reasons.

So if you are a fan of other podcasts, or want to propose a new title, vote here!

Now that the initial flurry of New Media has settled the number of independent media producers has changed. The early adopters have almost completely vanished to be replaced by a new era of producer.

However, content is one thing, technical delivery is completely another and there’s nothing worse than wanting to hear more clarity or enthusiasm on the chosen subject, for the podcast to be muffled, quiet, full of ‘pops’ and ‘bangs’ and distorted music or whatever.

There’s no excuses these days for badly recorded audio, or dodgy video. There are so many free ‘how to’ training courses on YouTube that anyone who takes the time, can improve their presentation skills.

So bring it on guys, and I do hope to be enthusiastically surprised by whatever I’m asked to judge.

Independent media rules okay!!

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  1. Dave Thackeray

    Hey Bob!

    Thanks as always for your support of the European Podcast Award and we’re delighted to have you as a judge this year. Your knowledge and expertise will certainly count a great deal towards crowning this year’s winners.

    Have a great Christmas, and I’ll be swinging by soon (though not in a Krankies sense) with all your judging details.

    UK Ambassador
    European Podcast Award


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