The Honey Stove – 2009

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Welcome to the wonderful flexible cooking world of The Honey Stove. The UK’s most popular wood burning camp stove!

The only multi fuel – multi cooker – multi pot stove in the world! Made in the UK!

Imagine sleeping under the stars, walking a coastal path or traveling from beach to beach in a kayak, wandering through woodland and the countryside, fishing by the side of a loch and never having to worry about popping to the shops to get gas or meths to cook a hot meal?

Ah cooking safely over a real fire, the romance of it, the smell of woodsmoke and the sharing of good times. Yes this little beauty, will put you back in touch with your inner child, in moments.

To Assemble
Please note:
this is a multi configuration item. You do NOT need to use all of the parts ALL of the time!

Hexagonal set up: Take one side panel and rotate it with the side prongs facing downwards. Slide on another 2 panels either side of this and then place the grills into the slots where you need them. Taking care to ensure the ‘front’ of the grill is on the opposite side of your first panel. Slide on a fourth and fifth panel on alternate sides, and then holding those two panels between your thumb and forefinger, ease the fire door into place. Please note, this will probably be a tight fit the first time you do this, to ensure the whole stove is one solid item. It will ease over time.

Square set up: Take one side panel and rotate it with the prongs facing upwards. Slide on two other side panels, place the Trangia burner into the central slot (correct height for maximum efficiency), then slide on the door. Other options include, using two thin tent pegs, or a stiff foil, as a Coke Can burner support. We’ve also found a simple ‘Sink Debris Sieve’ to be ideal for the job and keeps the ash off the ground. Available from most Supermarkets.


The Honey Stove is made from .7mm stainless steel and is much stronger than it looks. The hexagonal use of stainless steel is exceedingly efficient at reflecting heat inwards and upwards, whilst at the same time allowing the correct amount of draw for the different cookers used. Once heat is applied to the metal grills, they will warp slightly. This is normal and doesn’t affect the assembly process or life of the product.

Burning Wood in The Honey Stove
The Honey Stove works best with small pieces of dried wood no thicker than a pencil. Larger pieces take longer to ignite and are more cumbersome to collect and break. Two fist fulls of these twigs will boil 500ml of water in approximately 8-10 minutes. Never use green live wood, which will just smoke and not burn. Always look for air-dried wood caught in tree branches, as these burn much more effectively.

Don’t over fill the fire grill with fuel before lighting, as good combustion requires, a good airflow. We’ve found that using small pieces of Hammaro Tinder Card ª ignites instantly from a flint and steel, and accelerates the lighting of dried grass and small twigs.

Once the fire is established and there is a good ‘heat’ at the base, add the thicker twigs on a regular basis, to maintain the desired cooking heat. NB: To prevent ‘sooty hands’ pick up some free plastic gloves next time you get petrol!

Fire Safety
All fuels give off noxious fumes and wood based stoves are no different. We would always advise you to light any fire in a well-ventilated area, with a good throughput of air, such as under a tarp. Remember artificial fabrics ignite very easily, another reason to never light a stove inside a tent.

Leave No Trace
Please use an ashtray to prevent scarring of the ground and collect any fine ash for appropriate ‘leave no trace’ disposal. (Such as a 6 inch tin foil flan dish available from any supermarket). It also protects living organic matter beneath the stove.

On a stone or sandy beach, you may not need the ash tray at all, however always consider your environment and please dispose of the fine ash with appropriate and responsible care. If in doubt please always use the ashtray to prevent scarring.

In use this stove will get very hot. No matter the type of fuel or cooker you use in combination. Do not attempt to pick it up, move it or take it apart when fuel is burning. You will burn your hands!

Use a pot grabber or peg to lift off the top grill when in use. Please allow enough ventilation around the stove and ensure to component parts are cool before packing down the stove. Also ensure any ground under the stove is cool to the touch and not burned in any way. Use of petrol, or any other petroleum products in this stove may result in severe burns and/or death.

Burning wood is almost Carbon Neutral. The efficient use of wood fuel is much more eco-friendly than the more convenient fuels like petroleum based fuels and natural gas (LPG).

LPG emits 15 times more CO2 (carbon dioxide) per kg than wood, and petrol based fuels nearly 10 times as much. CO2 is the main source of global warming. (Source – Journey To Forever)

Side Panels 5 x 40g – Fire Door 23g – Base Grill 57g
Mid Grill 27g – Top Grill 32g – Supplied in cordura bag with space for tinder
When packed flat dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 1cm

What pot size?: Pots 12cm or less will sit ‘within’ the Honey Stove wall, and pots 13cm or greater will sit on ‘top’ of the wall. Provides stable support for pots up to appproximately 25-30cm.

Total if all carried: 339g

Designed by and manufactured in UK in .7mm Stainless Steel

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