No 62 – Ronald Turnbull – Life in a Bivvybag!

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Listen to this fun interview with the well known author and all weather walker and magazine writer Ronald Turnbull. He explains in full all about the ‘fun’ and ‘enjoyment’ that can be had from the humble bivvybag and how it can change your outdoor experience.

He has completed more than 19 different coast to coast crossing of Britain and slept in a bivvybag on over 50 summits. If there’s anyone who knows about keeping it simple and keeping it light, Ronald Turnbull is your man.

A really enjoyable half an hour! Author of The Book of the Bivvy, Across Scotland On Foot, Coast-to-coasting and may more all avilable through Cicerone Press.


  1. Rog

    This content doesn’t appear to work anymore. Would you have it within you to look into this?


    • theoutdoorsstation

      Hi thanks for your note. This was one of the very earliest Podcasts I produced and it has since been deleted. I do have various others with Ronald Turnbull, if you search in the box either Ronald or Bivvy. Thanks


  2. Ronald Turnbull

    Bob, how could you delete me! If you’re able to send it to me I’ll put it up on my own site. As it happens – I’m just this afternoon working on Ch 13 of the new 20th anniversary edition of Book of the Bivvy. With much more photos and new chapters. Probably a bit more expensive as well. Time for another podcast?


    • Thomas Walker

      Brilliant news! Your book Ronald has been life changing for me – and Bob’s podcasts and videos (and gear) have fuel that kindled passion – I look forward to the new edition and possibly a podcast interview!


    • Jeremy Taylor

      20 th anniversary edition! New pictures! More chapters! Oh my god! I can’t wait! Brilliant! Your fine book changed my life!


  3. Ronald Turnbull

    This ancient podcast is now online again at . Sorry for the delay, I had to get my head around some new html code!


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